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This page displays the information available for the Roland-System 700, complete and unbeatable (Sphere item # 17080).
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 Make Roland
 Model System 700, complete and unbeatable
 Description Here is one of the nicest Full Roland System 700 Modular’s you will ever see. I was a big fan of the sound of Depeche Mode's Violator album, and searched for many years to find the perfect Big System 700. I purchased it from the original owner in Japan. He never took it out of his house. It was carefully shipped to (the late) Kevin Lightner who restored it to brand-new-condition. It was already in beautiful shape as far as no scratches anywhere. Kevin once worked for Roland and still had friends at Roland-Japan, who kindly helped with any 'new-old-stock' parts we needed. I drove to Kevin's place when it was ready, and with great joy drove it home to my studio, where it also has never left. It sounds amazing and is rock-solid-dependable. It can get almost any sound but it has the biggest thickest bottom of anything I've ever heard. When Roland was designing the 808 and 909, they used the System 700 modular filters to prototype the kick drum sounds. It can get that huge sub-bass-kick sound all-day with your eyes closed.

Roland's founder, the late Mr. Ikutaro Kakehashi, had wished to design the ultimate big modular system. He purchased modular Moog and Arp systems to see how he could compete… and his goal was to also improve the workflow of the instrument and do something new. In my opinion, the System 700 is the most beautiful modular synth ever designed. Every detail feels like fruit from a labor of love. The recessed 1/4 inch jacks are beautiful. The knobs and slider/faders are pure-quality. The build-quality inside-and-out is top-drawer. A real work of art. You can get great sounds quickly because so many things are 'normaled' in parallel (of course everything is patchable as well). An incredibly well-thought-out instrument that is a joy to play and work with.

Many say that there were less than 40 of the 6-full-cabinet System 700's built. The earlier systems do not have multiple pairs of the powerful-vibey 24db low-pass and 12db multi filter-combos… often they have only the 12db multimodes or sometimes maybe one 24db. The magic is to run both in parallel. WOW. When pushed, they overdrive nicely with a very unique character, and then can get a cool 'squeal' with the res up when you back off the volume. Very expressive. Lots of attitude. BIG. The most desirable units were the later ones with both style VCF's in pairs. The full instruction manual (included) does not even list the more-rare 703e-f filters. Also the silver lettering, which this has (rather than white) seems to have the more desirable 'punchy-hi-fi' parts.

She is nearly flawless… no panel scratches… the tolex is beautiful (even the lids are clean), the only minor blemishes are a handful of extremely light scuffs hidden around the back on some cabs (mostly can't see without a bright flashlight). If you are wishing and ready for the Ultimate Roland System 700 Modular, here she is :) The complete system consists of the Main Console, the Keyboard Controller, and five additional blocks for a total of 47 modules. Most modules (filters, VCA’s etc.), mixers and FX, also have multiple parallel inputs with attenuators. Available Modules include: 701A: 5-octave duophonic keyboard with portamento, bender, CV outs and a din-plug-cable to quickly plug/play/control the modular's 'normaled' modules 717A: Analog Sequencer: 12x3: A+B+C many modes and clock options. Multiple voltage - parallel and series out (Amazing feeling) (9) Main Oscillators (not including LFO's): 702A,B, C, D, and E: VCOs with four waveforms (sine, triangle, saw tooth, and rectangle), PWM, and range knobs (LO to 2'), and a pitch control (+-12 semi-tones) A: has a PWM input and slider, and LFO1 mod input is hard-wired B: has a hard-wired ADSR1 and LFO1 modulation inputs and sync C: has a Sample & Hold and LFO1 input and sync D: like A but with a socket instead of hard-wired mod inputs E: like B&C without the hard-wired inputs (3) LFO's and (2) Sample and Hold's (3) 706A,B: LFOs (2) 709A,B: Sample & Hold Modules 708A: Noise and Ring Modulators Filters: (2) 12db multimode (High / Band / Low Pass) filters 703B, C: VCFs (2) 24db Low Pass Filters 703E, F: VCFs (1) 715A: Big Multimode Filter (4 channels: each selectable High/ band/ low-pass with separate levels and resonance), (3) Channels of CV (control-voltage-controllable) Phase-Shifters: 720B: (2)-channel Phase Shifter and another (one) on the parallel master mixer/fx output section 721B: 2-channel Analog Audio Delay with CV's (6)VCA'S (2) VCA's 704A,B, and (4) 704c's all with multiple inputs and multiple modulation in's (10) Envelopes: BEST SNAPPIEST- PUNCHIEST ENVELOPES EVER!!! (8) 705A: (4x2) Dual Envelopes: (With ultra fast and medium switches) (Amazing!) 707A: Envelope Follower 714B: Frequency-to-Voltage Converter, Envelope Follower Mixers: 9 channel Mixer 715a part2 (2) 3 channel mixers with inverters 716A: Mixer 711A: Output Mixing module (Stereo VUs, a six-position test-tone, a Phase Shifter, a Spring Reverb!, and Panning) Mults: (6) 5-channel mults 710A,B: Multiples And a (4x3) switchable to (12) channel 723A: Analog Switch Misc.: 712A: CV Processor 713A: Gate Delay 718A: Power Supply with 5 multi pin cables to power all cabinets. Cables pack inside Lids Stereo Headphone Out and Level (6) Tolex wood and metal Lids (1) Manual with many great how-to suggestions, Details for all modules (except the 703e-f) Diagrams, and wiring info Also tech info for calibrations etc.

[VEMIA note: this might well be the most desirable thing we have ever had in the auction! We will help organise packing and shipping from LA worldwide. Because of the brilliant design of the cases and lids it is not the most difficult packing and palletising job.]

 Age n/a
 Weight n/a
 Condition Near mint
 Location Usa 
 Vat Not from a VAT-registered business. But VAT / duty may be due if importing from outside your trade bloc.
 Quantity 1 item is available from the owner
 Options User manual : Yes
  Service manual : No
  First owner : No
  Original boxes : No
 Plug type Usa standard plug
 Voltage type Internal 110V power supply
 Status Item has been sold or reserved
 Sale type The item is on the auction rooms
 Ending on 15/04/2017
 Category Synthesizer (Modular) 
 Serial number Unknown
 Sphere reference # 17080
 Statistics Created on : 14/04/2017 
Changed on : 14/04/2017 
  Published on : 14/04/2017
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 Start price 54950 GBP
 Converted price (1) 54950 GBP
 Shipment International or local shipment to pay
 Packing costs 0 GBP
 Payment Full pre payment needed
 Auction bid step 50 GBP
 Auction highest bid 100090 GBP
 Converted highest bid 100090 GBP
 Leader or winner rockers70
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