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This page displays the information available for the Arp-Odyssey Mk1 (Sphere item # 26680).
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 Make Arp
 Model Odyssey Mk1
 Description Introducing the ARP Odyssey 2800 mk1 White-Face Monosynth - a legendary piece of musical history that will transport you back to the golden era of analog synthesis. Produced exactly 50 years ago on September 10, 1973, this particular unit hails from the early batches, making it a truly rare find. Meticulously cleaned and refurbished, both electronically and hardware-wise, this ARP Odyssey is in pristine condition. All components are original, ensuring an authentic vintage sound that has captivated musicians for decades. The only modifications made were to replace the plastic caps on the sliders, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. What sets this Odyssey apart is its inclusion of the highly sought-after filter 4023 version. Renowned for its sweet and musical tone, this filter has been favored by iconic artists such as ABBA, Gary Numan, Air, Tangerine Dream, Nine Inch Nails, and many more. Join the ranks of these musical pioneers and experience the sonic magic that the Odyssey delivers. Equipped with two oscillators and duo-phonic capability, the Odyssey offers a wide range of sonic possibilities. Its resonant low pass filter, ADSR envelopes, sine or square wave LFO, and sample-and-hold function provide the tools to sculpt and shape your sound to perfection. Additionally, this model introduces new features like a high pass filter that can be used in series with the low pass, oscillator-sync capability, and pulse-width modulation. These enhancements unlock a world of sonic exploration and creativity. Whether you're in search of deep analog basses, captivating leads, mesmerizing effects, or sweeping soundscapes, the ARP Odyssey delivers with unparalleled professionalism and expressiveness. It is a true powerhouse that will elevate your music to new heights. Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of music history. The ARP Odyssey 2800 mk1 White-Face Monosynth is a timeless masterpiece that continues to inspire musicians across genres. Experience the warmth, character, and versatility of this iconic synth and unleash your creativity like never before.
 Age 50 year
 Weight 7.5 kg
 Condition Very good
 Location Hungary 
 Vat Not from a VAT-registered business. But VAT / duty may be due if importing from outside your trade bloc.
 Quantity 1 item is available from the owner
 Options User manual : No
  Service manual : No
  First owner : No
  Original boxes : No
 Plug type Europe standard plug
 Voltage type Power supply not needed
 Status Item has been sold or not sold in a previous auction
 Sale type The item is on the auction rooms
 Ending on 11/11/2023
 Category Keyboard 
 Serial number 281591
 Sphere reference # 26680
 Statistics Created on : 07/10/2023 
Changed on : 07/10/2023 
  Published on : 14/10/2023
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 Start price 150 EUR
 Converted price (1) 130.61 GBP
 Shipment International or local shipment to pay
 Packing costs 0 GBP
 Payment Full pre payment needed
 Auction bid step 20 GBP
 Auction highest bid 1420 GBP
 Converted highest bid 1420 GBP
 Leader or winner steedoo
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